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The list includes breast, bowel and kidney cancer, but only 15% of people in the UK are aware of the link, according to the charity. At issue is the fact that North Sea hydrocarbon reserves are depleting, and many hundreds of oil and gas rigs are approaching the end of their productive lives. Warrington Wolves v Castleford Tigers: Ben Murdoch-Masila scores Super League Show's try of the week - BBC Sport Lyon 2, Manchester City 2. The Children and Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP, ironically pronounced “chip”) is Wolfe and her colleagues’ effort to study the biopsychosocial context for young people who use healthcare. This is the first technology that can claim to have a near-microscopic quality. Assisted by Denis Suárez with a cross. The import charges will make Chinese-made products more expensive - a move intended to convince US businesses and consumers to buy elsewhere. Mr Kolomoisky is the owner of 1+1, but he has to manage it remotely from self-imposed exile because there are numerous investigations in Ukraine into his business dealings. “When we were growing up, the scene was most welcoming. More than two thirds of people said winter was no lonelier than any other time of year. It is one of a number of changes decided by the Grand Slam Board (GSB). Sanders' record on gun control has been mixed which he says is due to the fact that his constituents in Vermont are pro-gun and 99 percent of the people in my state who hunt are law abiding people. I had never seen him so distressed in all the time I had known him. And now Vettel has cost Ferrari another win. We didn't predict this change in behaviour, and if Jakobshavn does start thinning and retreating again - we can't predict when that will happen. I think I want to be the best lifter, so I try to put that in my mind, that is my determination every day. It is the molar compared to a baby tooth, Prof Helen Fricker from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography told BBC News. With the chances we had and the control we had, we made too many mistakes in the last minutes. As part of the Commonwealth's effort to operate more efficiently, its Board of Governors approved a plan to move all Secretariat staff in Commonwealth House to Marlborough House by the end of 2019. Anders became a fan, travelling from Norway a couple of times a season to watch matches. And, unless Alomari is a spectre, he certainly wasn’t around in 63BC when the city became an important part of the infamous Greco-Roman Decapolis, a powerful network of 10 cities formed after the Roman conquest of Ancient Palestine. We had nothing bad to say about him. As enthusiastic shoppers start their journeys home, laden with\nbulging bags, it would appear that there’s no end in sight to the city’s recent\ngastronomic upswing. By incorporating these patterns into the furniture she wanted to give the idea that all she could see was mess and dirt and that it had taken over the room. While these kinds of posts aren't an unusual for celebrities on social media, Smith used this moment to open up about his battle with body image, admitting to starving himself for weeks ahead of upcoming photo shoots. Betws 14 - 14 Llangadog With nearest challengers Rangers drawing on Saturday, Celtic extend their lead and could stretch it further when they host the Ibrox side after the international break. Bread is a We have made a big effort with this series not to worry about what Australia do. Alberto Quintero (Panama) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. the real story.

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Cousin Sister Meaning In Tamil Translation “My father was very brave, and I am very happy that I can tell his story, and my story. Sometimes as journos we go abit off (get carried away) but often I think everyone does their very best under incredibly difficult circumstances. I hate to see these projects go through and we're still standing there, as First Nations, with nothing. Are there enough quality players for 14 teams in Super League? At this moment in time, probably not. Dorcus, 44, is beaming as she pulls apart the central processing unit of one of the prison's desktop computers, explaining to the newer classmates what each electrical component is for. var pL=function(a){_. c;_. u(this. ody,keydown,this. a,! ,this)},OBa,MBa,PBa,NBa;_. (pL,_. B);pL. a=function(){return{oa:{Pc:_. E}}};pL. a=function(a){9==a. eyCode&&(_. E=! )};OBa=function(a,b){MBa(a,b);b. a(). ontains(a. c(). ctiveElement)||NBa(a,b)};MBa=function(a,b){var c=PBa(a),d=PBa(a);_.

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Accident On Hwy 95 Today It’s not hard to stumble across any number of articles and papers proclaiming the next wonder food to improve your gut health. Today, a few generations later, as many as 100,000 Argentines claim Armenian ancestry. Minoan Civilisation (Neopalatial) [250] Festival appearances: It'll have its world premiere at Toronto. Given that investment in youth, this summer's transfer ban and the departure of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid, Lampard took a brave decision to sell David Luiz to Arsenal on deadline day. Our study shows that dogs and humans have an intertwined story - dogs followed humans during this migration across Europe, said Dr Morgane Ollivier of the University of Rennes in France. Ben Heneghan (Blackpool) wins a free kick in the defensive half. One report stated that a hotel porter saw the players actually leave the hotel at midnight and return at 2am. There’s also In later years, he branched into singing lower baritone roles, while working as a conductor and taking several backstage administrative roles. Southgate's first choice defenders have not proved reliable against international opposition of the highest quality - and produced no evidence here to suggest they will do so any time soon. The delegation is approximately 50% forest, and the fields are mostly pesticide free, watered by the rain and ploughed by horses. A news report from the Russian parliament says the Yantar can do just such clandestine work, using deep-diving submersibles. Migration was not good or beneficial - and it was a mistake to think it could not be stopped, said the prime minister's official spokesman. Their status is such that strangers will bow when they walk down the street. We wanted victory in two to three years and it arrived early. The governor has activated 2,500 National Guard troops, with another 1,500 on standby. The Special Operations Executive (SOE) ran training schools across Britain for Allied resisters of all nationalities. US firms generate about $300bn of sales domestically in China so they are a potential target, says Julian Evans-Pritchard from Capital Economics. Not many get to choose the timing or the manner of their leaving. In 209 appearances for Sevilla, Kanoute scored 89 times, but his goals are now focused on giving back. Dangerous play by Trent Alexander-Arnold (England). Kakamega bull-fighting is an up close and personal experience, with the crowd following the action and running occasionally to avoid getting hit. How conference attendees behave during public presentations is one such test. They are kings ruling over a peasant land. For Japanese however, the idea is slightly different. It comes hot on the heels of Chopra, 33, becoming the first Indian ever to win a People's Choice Award for her role in US television show Quantico for which she was reportedly paid $4m. According to Rodell, “the real story … is the cultural mashup that Roy Choi embodies and continues to push forward, beyond tacos”. The police say it was stolen in Keighley last year. From there, he made his way into Opera houses in North America and Europe where, at the Hamburg State Opera, he gave the first performance of what was to become his signature role: Otello. I feel for Bart, he's a good lad, a good pro, a good goalkeeper, but that's football, isn't it? Penalty conceded by Morgyn Neill (Dumbarton) after a foul in the penalty area. When we visited Etna's slopes last month, volcanologist Boris Behncke from Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) showed us one of its monitoring stations.

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Firmenich Sales 2018 With the M4 relief road now not being built, I think bus can offer that alternative of mass transportation and if we do it with electric vehicles, it ticks so many boxes. Wang Wang and Funi came to Australia from China a decade ago. Some sort of artificial gravity may go some way to help, but the bottom line is: space can seriously damage your health. The irony is that the very backlash against her has only served to make her point about the want of freedom of speech in her homeland. Instead of boarding the next plane out of Uganda, 17 players and officials left their Sky Hotel reportedly to go shopping, but only three returned to Asmara. This is why I play basketball; this is what I work hard for, added Leonard. The UK is in 20th place, among higher achieving European countries, with the US in 28th. Results - 50m Rifle Prone Men - Shooting - Rio 2016 - Olympics - BBC Sport The British couple went toe-to-toe with the Chinese early on in the final as Bankier's confident net play disrupted their opponents' play. My first challenge quickly surfaced. Conceded by Andreas Christensen. View image of Garrison and her husband sailed to several islands in the Grenadine island chain (Credit: Credit: Judy Garrison) No other experience in rugby can match it, and it changes a lot of things for you going forward. A survey of 5,500 American singles in 2016 by online dating site Match. om found that 39% judged the suitability of candidates by their grasp of grammar – ranking that more important than their smile, dress sense or even the state of their teeth. A fingerprint reader is built into the card itself. Sitting in Eva’s, a small un-air conditioned restaurant, eating chicken soup with kreplach (small dumplings filled with ground meat), sweat formed quickly behind the knees. That's exactly what local authorities do and exactly what other multi-academy trusts do and that was the way of managing cash to its maximum benefit, he said. Despite the enormous love I have for my son, there is not one day that I wish it had not been otherwise. I would like to congratulate all the other nominees, it is very humbling to get the award. A total of £140m of work will also be spent by Exxonmobil improving the plant. Microsoft clinches Android patent deal with China's ZTE Ian Goldin is professor of globalisation and development at Oxford University. For all his goals in England - he is in the top 20 Premier League scorers of all time - there is every chance United will not miss him at all. Cristian Tanase (Romania) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Arjen Robben (FC Bayern München) left footed shot from outside the box is blocked. Without a doubt, Rand Paul is my number-one guy, says University of North Carolina-Charlotte student Michael Przybyl. There was a brief wage freeze, but since then she says her pay packet has kept up with the rising cost of living. George Godber, fund manager at Polar Capital. Yuri Zhirkov tries a through ball, but Aleksandr Golovin is caught offside. Mr Ghani also tarnished his international reputation as a clean technocrat by his choice of running mate - General Abdul Rashid Dostum, a leader from the north with a notorious past.

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Json To Protobuf Online Fans were apparently unswayed by - or attracted to - the star's tribulations; sending his latest album ? to number one in the US. Despite being their penultimate release, Abbey Road was in fact the last album The Beatles ever recorded together. Six wild elephants have drowned after slipping off a waterfall in north eastern Thailand. All the other steps need to follow, all those other moments need to be won. PSG said Neymar had suffered a reactivation of the lesion of the fifth right metatarsal, adding that treatment would depend on how the injury heals in the next few days. One of the biggest differences in carbon emissions comes from transport, with CO2 emissions per head 66% higher away from cities. Mr Johnson is due to make a statement in Downing Street at about 1800 BST setting out the choices facing MPs. Anyone who wishes to change a pub to any other use needs a full planning application submission. He needed £120 and says he didn't have a problem convincing them to lend him cash by saying he worked full-time. came to south Wales in August 2014. In his reply to the Plaid Cymru leader, Mr Drakeford said: Welsh Labour is in favour of Wales remaining in the United Kingdom, there is no ambiguity about that. It's chant which could be ringing out around Blundell Park for some time, with former Southampton boss - and former physio - Nigel Adkins among those to be linked with the full-time job. Gabriel Jesus and Neymar were both denied by Stojkovic after being played clean through - the Serb keeper making a series of fine saves against the Paris St-Germain forward, with a one-handed stop late on the pick of the bunch. In Ponder Park, a short distance from Walmart, hundreds upon hundreds filled the Little League field. From Helsinki Vantaa International Airport (the 19km taxi ride\ninto town costs about 45 euros), national carrier Finnair flies travellers nonstop to 13\ncities in Asia across the shortest and fastest route available: traversing the\ntop of the globe close to the North Pole, rather than across central Europe and\nthe Middle East. However, like Para-badminton, a final decision will be made on which specific events make the programme next year. forests of the Periyar The UK, through the EU, is seeking confirmation from the WTO that we have complied fully with WTO rulings regarding support to Airbus, and should not be subject to tariffs. Jamie Brough David Ospina (Colombia) wins a free kick in the defensive half. I don’t own a gun. How many of the Celtic's starting 11 that day can your remember? Her suitcases contained a coded note as well as disguises, and she swapped hotel rooms more than once. Ms Ayub said: Not only have they had another outstanding season and achieved back-to-back promotions, but they've also got the seal of approval for a new stadium at Power Court, marking a big step in the club's history and their ambitions for the future. I would like to be part of it, but if Vern Cotter is the guy the president feels can take them to the next level, then that is good for the club. Vadim Cemirtan replaces Radu Ginsari. It's like being handed a golden ticket, admitted the 20-year-old. In his round on Monday with Faldo, Woods caught the then two-time Masters champion's eye as he reached the par-five 15th hole in two strokes. “We know that the steroids our own body produces, such as progesterone and testosterone, affect the brain. The robots are also expensive – even moderately good ones cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. China-UK relations south rims of Europe’s largest canyon.

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Umich Sororities How naive we were. Coming into the season we had high hopes and we are a good team. They just said: 'Oh, this is not yours any more. Match ends, Barcelona 1, Real Sociedad 0. Durrant, 48, is the first player to win three BDO world titles in a row since Eric Bristow in 1984-86 and the fifth to win it on three or more occasions. I'm not saying she's not credible, but maybe that's why they chose her. Lewis McLear (Annan Athletic) wins a free kick in the defensive half. At the forefront are millennials who are often better educated, more aware of their rights and more interested in finding something fulfilling than the previous generation. CCTV evidence played to the court had shown the defendants were unoccupied during this period, spending much of it on their phones. Para-canoe World Championships: Emma Wiggs secures emotional gold - BBC Sport He said he hoped good Houthi leaders would prevail over the corrupt ones. Manchester City and tactical fouls - what do the stats say? Six of the past seven editions have been won by the home side. Davin Sufer also says Fingerlings success means there's pressure to recreate the success next year. Conceded by Rubén Duarte. Excuses will seem an inappropriate response to a poor start to the World Cup qualifying campaign next season, not least because failure has become the default expectation. Johnstone 0. There is concern about the number of landlords who fail to ensure that the property is maintained properly. Corner, Bosnia and Herzegovina. World Aquatics Championships: Tom Daley & Matt Lee win 10m World bronze in South Korea - BBC Sport The flow of undocumented migrants over the US-Mexico border inspired two of the most powerful answers of the night. “The reality is that there will always be divorced parents and unmarried mothers who need stable housing, regardless of the social or policy environment,” she says. They can't catch them all. Livingston rarely made Doyle work, though the goalkeeper did have to be on his toes to tip a Hardie header over and then to field a thumping Craig Halkett effort from 35 yards. My name's Chris McCausland. A professor of genomics at the Scripps Research Institute in California, his last book heralded “the creative destruction of medicine” through new technology. If Platov is keen to see what the pair can do without the threat of heart trouble looming, imagine how Buckland and Coomes feel. This all could change, and change quickly of course. Rangers v Celtic: Ibrox derby offers first clues in title tussle - BBC Sport Cameron Norrie The president has chosen the path of defiance, obstruction, and cover-up, wrote the heads of the intelligence, foreign affairs and oversight panels. The ministry said the victims had been recruited in Udmurtia, Perm and Chelyabinsk, in the period 2011-2016.

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Mobicel V4 Firmware Mr Madasani told the BBC that the gunman had demanded to know if they were in the country legally. If you are affected by the issues in this article, help and support is available via the BBC Action Line http://www. Chelsea's first opponents of the season are a Burnley team that remind me a lot of the Birmingham side I joined after they won promotion to the Premier League in 2002. In some ways it's better than last year. The hidden cameras kept recording as the attacks intensified. What they say: “I’d offer you a pinnacle life event,” says XCOR chief operating officer, Andrew Nelson when I ask him what they’re selling. The magazine is still printing, but it's had to move into new offices, with more security. Presumably, one of the main attractions of the move to Manchester is that the size of the transfer fee should guarantee the 26-year-old the thing he was denied at Madrid - an important place in the pecking order. As if we can look inside our bodies with a microscope, anywhere. This was the historical context within which the first all-India cricket team took shape. As more facts come to light and it begins to look like this was an act of racially motivated hatred, we want to reiterate that the president condemns these or any other racially or religiously motivated attacks in the strongest terms, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters on Tuesday. Melbourne More than 70% of adults over 20 are overweight or obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Capital One said the hacker was able to exploit a configuration vulnerability in the company's infrastructure. It's been a long time coming and the impact of the financial scandal that originally collapsed the Stormont assembly endures. With this sort of attitude, can sumo really expect young sportsmen to keep filling its ranks? Go vintage: Do things like shopping second-hand and vintage, going to your local charity shop. Sign up to My Sport to follow snooker news on the BBC app. They felt honoured or wanted the money, she told HRW on condition of anonymity. He pinned Joshua to the ropes, turning the round on its head, and then came out in the sixth to administer an overhand right which crumpled the champion. Eating tsampa when I visited India helped me to connect to my Tibetan roots, even if that meant connecting with an immigrant community in a foreign country. Never in the history of our institutions has the Fifa Secretary General been placed on secondment to take control of a confederation, even with the latter's consent, he added. Twenty-seven world records were set in Rio within the seven Olympic sports that recognise them - archery, athletics, modern pentathlon, track cycling, shooting, swimming and weightlifting. These events are marked by a combination of storm surge and heavy rainfall, sometimes driven by the same low pressure system. Her firm blind marks CVs - removing applicants' names, race or sex. That leaves the Lib Dems with 18 MPs. As it's built up and we've got players back, we've been able to create some momentum in this back half. As she outlines in her book, Ten Minutes to Happiness, her programme takes the form of a daily journal, to be completed in six parts: Not all concierge services are available to anyone with the ability to pay. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it was likely to mislead because it wrongly implied delivery was unrestricted throughout the UK.

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Ayahuasca Ceremony Usa Soon, Americans by the thousands were enjoying the latest craze: skydiving. His lifeless mobile phone had turned into a carrier of precious tidings. In the public vote he has said he wants credible options for both sides, including the option to remain. Some performed highly staged and choreographed music and dance routines for us, wearing traditional ethnic costumes, whirling around their desks, smiles fixed in place. We didn't deserve the first goal against us and we did create a lot of chances. However, they only attack if they decide you pose a threat to their hive. Gigante’s malingering days were over. Shopping centre owner Intu Properties is down 30% while Aston Martin is off 11%. Unlike 2016, when Hillary Clinton largely avoided confronting the Vermont senator for fear of alienating his supporters, his opponents will have no such reluctance this time. We enjoyed an amazing walk of the seven Munros there one fabulously sunny day in early summer some years ago. Using regular explosives would create a debris field, and an even bigger one if ordnance remaining onboard exploded as well, said Arnab Chakravorty, from ship salvage firm Ardent Asia-Pacific. And yet there are many other regions of the country that are far less productive, and that represents not just an injustice, but a massive opportunity. The 77-year-old Vermont senator became a progressive political star in 2016 although he lost his candidacy bid. Whether or not Trump bears some culpability, his reaction to these most recent shootings are further evidence of shifting ground on the gun debate. In a statement, UK Sport told the BBC: UK Sport has concluded, following a post-season review, that bobsleigh does not qualify for any further investment at this time. They were expected to finish closer to the relegation places than the play-off spots, but surprised many by finishing third in the table and have now gone on to set up a showdown with Saints on Super League's showpiece occasion. “They then find themselves outside the premises wondering what on which means “birdcage”) guarantees exposure to fierce Amazonian rainstorms. Of the studies, 58 used a precision approach. Niki Lauder said that the narrow tyres are making the cars very predictable when on the edge of traction, and my understanding is that making the tyres quite a bit wider (instead of the small tinkering planned) would help make the cars much harder to drive. That's how it felt. He's fascinated by the intersection of domestic and international politics and has now returned to the UK to present The World This Weekend and The World at One. Assisted by Yuto Nagatomo. The East End-born fund manager, 66, who now lives in Mauritius, is known for his combative style. Barnsley 2-2 Derby County: Cauley Woodrow earns Barnsley late draw as Tom Lawrence returns for Rams - BBC Sport Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford was the standout performer, pressing his World Cup claims with an outstanding first-half strike to put England ahead and threatening throughout. and even tents. I absolutely love my life now. Bruce and I introduce ourselves to the other set of parents as the raft is untied and our guides point the pontoon toward the churning flow. Here are some of the stories making the headlines on the Worcester News website: Assisted by Raúl Jiménez with a headed pass following a corner.

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C++ Program To Calculate Weekly Pay Then there are tombstone inscriptions and grave epigrams, such as this one for a woman who died in Alexandria in the 3rd Century BC. What they never understood was how painful (or not) a normal period should be. BBC - Future - How to drink from the enormous lakes in the air We followed them deep into the Brazilian rainforest to revive the landscape and high into the French Alps to witness new avalanche rescue tech. The role of president has been largely ceremonial since the end of military rule in 2016, with Aung San Suu Kyi effectively leading the government in the role of State Counsellor. The green anaconda is probably the only species with reliable size records near 8m Everyone is shutting their mouths about it. Spend any amount of time in the company of him and McCracken and it is hard to avoid the notion that the best is yet to come. Fuelled by climate change, not only are floods becoming more common in the streets, but the changing weather patterns have also influenced building design. The proximity of Colombo to the mountains, reached via a glorious twisty-turny train ride through tea plantations and hill stations, has given rise to a nascent adventure sports industry. Qatar-owned Paris St-Germain received a similar punishment to City. {\image\:{\pid\:\p06bqwpv\}} Meanwhile, in 2010 a pair of former teachers in the UK got together to develop the Mindfulness in Schools Project. or will he suffer a seventh straight loss? The Kilmarnock fans booed off McLean at the end. That sounds like a choice. My second favourite was Sophia, also a pizza, said Ms Henderson, from Brighton. “Shall we ever see the sun in Morocco? rdquo; he wrote plaintively to Gertrude Stein. {\image\:{\pid\:\p05dkl37\}} Jaka Bijol (Slovenia) right footed shot from outside the box is blocked. But residents were already well aware of the town's uniqueness, beauty and community spirit and are even growing used to the town's growing fame. “It is remarkable,” says Ridley. “I don’t think anyone can seriously question whether there were women deacons until the 4th Century, at least,” says Robin Jensen, professor of Christian art history at Vanderbilt University. oud as blocks or chips along with a special burner, or buy the distilled oil, The asymmetry in public deference extends to the individuals themselves. underworld. Corner, Cowdenbeath. The hosts were also arguably paying for their earlier pragmatism and unwillingness to attack. Victor Camarasa's loan from Real Betis has come to an end and he has been linked with a handful of Premier League clubs having impressed at Cardiff. Busking near Hampton Court lock, he dreamed of living by the teardrop-shaped island.

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Are Kpop Idols Rich To then accept that they need help makes many ask: 'Was it my fault? Did I do enough? She says that the situation is not helped by the fact that there is a stigma attached to care homes as indicating of some kind of failure by the parents. 6th (predicted 10th) This panel is seen as an attempt to do something, but it appears to be just short of having enough teeth to make a difference, argued Mr Hogan. They had argued that the project would contaminate drinking water and damage sacred burial sites. World champion! Eszter, who also works for the Budapest tourism centre. Or, for a completely different style of dance, head to Loma de la Cruz, a hilltop park in San Antonio where folk dancers invite members of the public to join them in indigenous group dances on Thursday nights. Born in Washington, DC in 1965, Kavanaugh studied at Georgetown Preparatory School an all-boys school in Bethesda, Maryland, and graduated from Yale College and Yale Law School. Under Natasha's law, food businesses will have to include full ingredients labelling on pre-packaged food. We'd have failed under Grant and even Jose [Mourinho] would've failed because there was a weakness in the group - certainly defensively. It would be a tried and tested pattern in global attacks. Red Bull boss Christian Horner predicts F1 'season of two halves' - BBC Sport Yesterday, the price per ounce of gold reached $1,510, breaching the $1,500 level for the first time since 2013. Ms Trevelyan said that, once they were fully operational, one of the carriers would be in a state of readiness at all times. And it predicts accurately where cracks are likely to develop and the path they will take. The Catholic Church is undergoing the biggest challenge to its role as the unquestionable moral authority in Polish society in recent times. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's four years before she died, the patient wrote a statement saying that she wanted to be euthanised before entering a care home - but that she wanted to decide when the time was right. Blake, who must now fill the vacancy for the first time since 2002, says Flournoy has established himself as one of the finest coaches of his generation and he leaves the club in a strong position. But for the first 31 years of his career, the Crystal Palace manager barely registered on the radar in his home country. A number of road closures have been in place across the city over the weekend. Many Americans are anxious to get their federal tax returns, and the Internal Revenue Service is getting the manpower to handle the paperwork. Ringrose, who has played every minute of Ireland's World Cup campaign so far, was a deserving final try scorer in his third outing in 11 days. So we are now consulting on whether it's better to go long, therefore, rather than to go short. When the mothers were then asked to observe and rate their children’s behaviour, those who thought their sons had been consuming sugar said they were more hyperactive than the mothers who knew they had drank a placebo. This being Spain, the party has only just begun. While conflicts have been common between the two bordering communities, the public finger-pointing by top regional officials is unprecedented and could exacerbate the current conflict. One of the chancellor's formal responsibilities in the Budget is to reconfirm the Bank's remit. Others had secret bank accounts. In the words of one judge, they were two perfectly decent people. In that sense, Mr Rees-Mogg's posture may actually be applauded by those who think Parliament is at odds with the people. Here are pictures of events on Tuesday.